Choose Palletwise for an eco-friendly waste management solution! Our extraction service prioritises sustainability, fixed costs, and efficiency. Click “Contact Us" to discuss tailored options for optimising your waste management costs.

Discover a smarter and eco-friendly solution for your waste management needs with Palletwise Our pallet extraction service goes beyond cost savings, aiming to make a positive impact on your operations and the environment.

Our Pallet Extraction Service:

Truck Sizes available for extraction.

  • 12 Palleter
  • 14 Palleter

Key Advantages Over Bin Rentals:

Key Advantages Over Bin Rentals:


Sustainable Practices: Our pallet extraction service focuses not just on cost efficiency but also on environmentally responsible practices. Pallets are either reworked in-house, extending their life cycle, or transported to recycling plants for responsible disposal.

Fixed Cost Structure: Enjoy peace of mind with a fixed cost structure, eliminating the uncertainty and additional fees associated with bin rentals.

Cost Savings and Efficiency: Consider the substantial savings with our 14-pallet extraction. In addition to cost savings, our solution offers unmatched efficiency. A 15m bin can theoretically hold about 200 pallets if stacked perfectly. However, achieving this is time-consuming, requires significant manpower, and incurs additional costs. With our service, you can fit approximately 252 pallets at a fraction of the price.

Reduction of Workplace Hazards and Insurance Risk:

Reduction of Workplace Hazards and Insurance Risk:

Opting for our pallet extraction service significantly reduces workplace hazards associated with pallets. Our meticulous process eliminates the risk of broken pallets with nails sticking out, ensuring a safer working environment and minimising the potential for accidents. Additionally, by reducing the storage space taken by broken or unusable pallets, you mitigate fire safety risks, contributing to a safer workplace and lowering insurance liabilities.

Environmental Impact Comparison: While traditional bin rentals may contribute to landfill waste, our pallet extraction service actively contributes to the reduction of waste through reworking pallets or facilitating their responsible recycling.

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